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Protect Your Vehicle From The Saskatchewan Elements

Here in Saskatchewan, your vehicle faces tough conditions all year-round. Protect your Ford vehicle’s body, components, and the shine of its paint job with help from Melfort’s premier auto detailing centre. We make detailing your vehicle at Melody Motors hassle-free, thanks to our experienced team of auto detailers, and stream-lined processes. Need a moment to relax and recharge? Our Appearance Centre’s lounge offers a massage chair, alongside complimentary tea, coffee, and fresh fruit!

Our Detailing Packages

Our Detailing Packages

Basic Package

  • Hand Wash/Towel Dry
  • Blow Out Vents
  • Vacuum Seats and Rugs
  • Clean Interior Leather/Vinyl Dashes
  • Apply Protective Dressing to Vinyl Dash, Door Panels, Weather Stripping
  • Clean Windows Inside & Out

Cars: $229.95+
Trucks / SUVs / Vans: $249.95+
*Wax Application: $149.95+
* Exterior Wash: $59.95+
*Stone Chip Repair: $35

Interior Package

  • Wash Door Jambs
  • Blow Out Vents
  • Shampoo Seats, Rugs, Floor Mats
  • Clean Interior Leather/Vinyl Dashes, Door Panel, Headliner
  • Apply Protective Dressing to Vinyl Dash, Door Panels, Weather Stripping
  • Clean Inside Windows

Cars: $279.95+
Trucks/SUVs/Vans: $299.95+

Complete Package

  • Hand Wash/Towel Dry
  • Wash Door Jambs
  • Shampoo Engine
  • Blow Out Vents
  • Shampoo Seats, Trunk, Rugs, Floor Mats
  • Clean Spare Tire and Jack
  • Clean Interior Leather/Vinyl Dashes, Door Panel, Headliner
  • Apply Protective Dressing to Vinyl Dash, Door Panels, Weather Stripping
  • Clean Windows Inside & Out
  • Exterior Paint Clay Barred to Remove Debris and Tar
  • Hand Applied Wax Treatment

Cars: $349.95+
Trucks/SUVs/Vans: $399.95+

Our Custom Options

Spray-In Box Liners

  • 6.5’ Box – $699.95
  • 8’ Box – $749.95

Window Tinting

  • Side Window – $99.95 each
  • Rear Window – $249.95
  • Small Corner Window – $20 each
  • Tint Removal – $30/window
  • Hand-Cut Custom Eyebrow – $150
  • Pre-Cut Eyebrow – $99.95

Paint Protection Film

  • A-Pillars & Roof Kit – $160
  • Hood, Fender & Mirror – $470
  • Bumper – $460

Custom Decaling

  • Contact us to learn more about specific pricing

For Inquiries and Bookings, ask for Jason at 306-752-2886, or fill out the form below!

Why You Need To Detail Your Vehicle

Detailing your vehicle is an extremely important part of regular maintenance— not only affecting your vehicle’s appearance, but also its performance and safety. Just as properly maintained components lead to more efficient performance in your vehicle, a clean, well-waxed exterior can improve vehicle safety while warding off the structural damage associated with rust. Likewise, clean wheels and brake pads free of the debris found on Saskatchewan roads ensures optimal stopping power. Finally, a clean and well-maintained vehicle will retain its value better, allowing you to get more back when it comes time to trading it in for a new Ford. Here are some important areas to consider when detailing your vehicle.

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No one likes rust, and paint is your vehicle’s primary defencse against rusting. However, your paint needs some help to maintain its integrity. Cleaning, waxing, and then polishing your paint job will help preserve the lifetime, and look, of your vehicle’s paint.

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When your headlight lenses become discolored, not only does it take away from the looks of your vehicle, it also changes the quality of the light. Our appearance centre has options to restore your headlights and if they are not able to be restored we can offer you alternatives through our parts department. Inquire to see what options we have available for you!

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Your interior condition is an important part of your vehicle, and probably what most people understand as detailing. Neglecting to clean the fabrics and surfaces of your vehicle’s interior can lead to lower resale value (not to mention unpleasant smells and interior damage).

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Wheel Wells

Your wheel wells are certain to experience a buildup of sand and road salt over the winter months when driving on Saskatchewan roads. This buildup can increase corrosion in the wheel wells, ultimately leading to permanent damage.

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Tires and Wheels

Like your wheel wells, your vehicle’s wheels and tires are subject to solvent and chemical exposure from being in contact with the road—along with potential damage to your brakes and brake pads. Without regular cleaning, breakdown due to corrosion can lead to higher costs when it comes to both repairing or replacing your tires and wheels in the future.